David R. Davies ( Consulting & Architectural Engineers ) Ltd. offer a wide range of services aimed at encompassing all aspects of architectural design & engineering. We are a multidisciplinary practice and therefore able to offer proffesional support at each stage of a project, from design and planning including all relevant surveys and reports, right through to project management and completion. We are sure that whatever your project we can be of assistance.

Homes & Residential

Residential design forms much of our work and clients have come to us with many different requirements, ranging from internal alteration, extensions, garages, and conversions to complete solutions for homes and estates. Here, at David.R.Davies (Consulting & Architectural Engineers) Ltd. we do our very best to meet the needs of our clients while also meeting the requirements necessary for a successful planning application. Whether in the countryside, town, or in the city, it is our aim to produce designs that are in harmony with the surrounding environment, designing for our future heritage.

Estate Development

We are able to offer complete solutions for estate development. We can arrange and carry out all necessary surveys, produce all the related drawings and proposals in line with the clients brief, and liase with the relevant service departments for water, gas and electricity. We can also, if asked, help our client find suitable contractors for the works, and put together any tender packages. This service can extend to overseeing the project to completion and our flexibility ensures that any revisions requested by purchasers can be inherited smoothly, efficiently and with as little negative impact as possible.

Civil design

Civil design & Engineering covers a huge variety of project types and is often integral to many of the projects that we have been, or are involved with. At David R. Davies (Consulting & Architectural Engineers) Ltd. we often have to liase with such bodies as the highways authority, environmental and conservation departments as well as various utility companies and specialist technical firms. Through our contacts & range of experience we are able to identify and overcome problems early on in the design & planning stage, thus allowing for the most efficient and cost effective solutions. Past works that we have undertaken have included new and upgraded traffic control systems, pedestrian provisions, new storm drain and flood control, refueling and storage facilities, environmental control systems and various repairs and upgrades to existing utilities.

Industrial & Mechanical Solutions

Some of our past projects in the industrial field have included design & provision for an outdoor sand & gravel conveyor system, vehicular repair & maintenance bays, air conditioning & filtration systems, specialist training facilities, security & personnel access, fire detection and acoustic dampening. Through all projects we maintain liaison  with specialist technical departments and organizations allowing constant appraisal of new technology and any changes to regulations so that we may better serve you as a prospective client.

Renovation & Conservation

At David R. Davies (Consulting & Architectural Engineers) Ltd, our aim is to ‘design for our future heritage’, but equally important to us is being able to offer services towards preserving our existing heritage. In the past we have aided in the preservation of historic buildings utilising traditional methods, produced programs for the renovation or repair to residential or commercial buildings and produced designs for the conversion of barns and out buildings, in line with stringent regulations and always in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Commercial & Leisure

Here at David R. Davies (Consulting & Architectural Engineers) Ltd, we have provided effective solutions for a wide range of commercial developments, covering works under our multi disciplinary role, for clients in retail, tourism & recreation, medical & care services, education, and many other service sectors. Whatever your brief, we are confident that we can provide you as a prospective client, not only a functional, cost effective design, but also support you through all stages of a project, from the initial surveys and planning, to putting together any tender packages, help you choose appropriate contractors, and oversee construction. In short, we can provide aid to whatever degree is needed to ensure a successful project.